Here, I explain how to play with “なんでも褒めてくれるアジンちゃん【bot】”@Yes_Levi_E_bot (hereinafter referred to as Ajin-chan) on Twitter Bot.

Ajin-chan uses botbird ( and will reply to the person you talk to according to the content.

At present, in addition to various greetings, if you appeal for praise such as “ほめて!” or “がんばった!”, They will return praise lines. (Sorry but in Japanese only.)

Also, if you send “歌って!”, It will be returned randomly from Levi’s song video.

[Added on October 23, 2020] I have added a time signal setting because it is easier to send replies if Ajin-chan tweeted regularly. Tweet greetings at 7:00, 12:00 and 19:00 respectively.

There may be other responsive words available.

By the way, it is a specification that you can reply up to 20 at a time at intervals of about 5 to 60 minutes, so if you are talking a lot, it may be delayed. Please wait relaxedly.

In addition, although it is randomly returned from some reply line candidates, in rare cases it may be played by Twitter when trying to return the same content to multiple people, so there may be no reply from the bot. If you don’t get a reply after more than an hour, this is probably the pattern.

Please note that there may be additions and changes to the lines without any warning.

For requests and inquiries, please use massa’s Twitter and marshmallows.