Here, we introduce all the official Nijisanji goods related to Levi Elipha.

(Voice for a limited time is introduced in the sidebar of each page and various notifications at the bottom of the page)

Items related to Nijisanji Anniversary Festival 2021 are summarized here.

Please check the actual sales page for availability.

The prices shown are the prices of the products. Please note that a separate shipping fee will be required for items other than voice.


Prismatic Colors [With bonus CD]

Price : 3,850 JPY

Sales page :


* The number of bonus CDs is limited, so it will end as soon as it runs out.

[Levi Elipha] Nijisanji Seasonal Voice[10/2018 – 07/2019]

Price : 500 – 2,500 JPY

Sales page :


The following seasonal voices are on permanent sale.

  • あめもようボイス2019
  • 夏真っ盛りボイス2019
  • 夏まつりボイス2019
  • ハロウィンボイス2019
  • 秋満喫ボイス2019