This page introduces Nijisanji official goods related to Levi currently on sale.

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Please check the actual sales page for stock availability.

The price introduced is the price of the item. Please note that additional shipping is required.


【にじさんじぷち第二弾】ステッカーセット(Sticker set)

Price : 1,000 JPY(Bグループセット)

Levi’s sticker is included in the “Bグループセット”.

【にじさんじぷち第二弾】ランダム缶バッジ(Button badge)

Price : 1,000 JPY

Sales page:

As mentioned in the remarks, Levi’s button badge is not guaranteed to be available. Please be careful.


(▼ Remarks
3 out of 29 kinds will be sold as random assorted set.)

【にじさんじぷち第二弾】アクリルスタンドキーホルダー(Acrylic stand keychain)

Price : 1,000 JPY

Sales page :

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