This website is an unofficial website that supports Levi Elipha (hereinafter referred to as Levi), a Virtual Liver belonging to Nijisanji.

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What is Nijisanji? What is Virtual Liver? I’ll leave the explanation about it to the official and Nijisanji wiki.

Levi Elipha – Nijisanji Official
Levi Elipha – Nijisanji Wiki (unofficial)

Levi has a lot of appeal, but I think I can’t speak without her good singing skills.
For example, if you want to recommend Levi to other people, or if you want to use it as a reference when requesting a song via live streaming, I’d love to find the song Levi has sung so far.
This is the starting point for this website.

Yes, it is a so-called self-satisfaction website.

However, I would be very happy if publishing this website will help people who support Levi and help her to be recognized by many people.

Site administration: massa

Basically, I would be happy if you could support Levi, but if you should be able to support me, please do so from the following.

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